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Overview of the event

As 2019 progresses, the digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is witnessing a dramatic shift – which businesses can no longer ignore. There may have been a time when you could’ve dismissed artificial intelligence or visual search as gimmicks from the latest blockbuster science fiction film, but that time is long gone.

There are many new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech era and businesses now need to use them to succeed in their efforts. The key is to stay on top of the trends and figure out what is the best for your business today. What was worked for you in a previous year may not work this year as new trends continuously keep on emerging.

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
50 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Digital Marketing Summit, Dubai
X Topic Abstract

There’s an assault on the senses; lights violate our vision, crass music erupts in our ears and nothing’s ever new enough.
We’re under the influence of mass-saturation in a world of sensory overload.
For activation's to have their intended impact, they have to be more than just unique and authentic, they have to resonate with their audience. Innovation offers opportunities for personalization, communication and engagement like no other medium.
Creatively applied to your captive audience, your target market can interact with a myriad of key messages – your protagonist is at play. This is engagement; this is the advertising of tomorrow, with your customers today.
In addition, there are far reaching benefits of tech-integrated activation's – it can enable business innovation and deliver rich experience analytics, customer intelligence and profiles to demonstrate the efficacy of events and experiences.

Three brief questions the session intends on answering:
How can innovation support cross-cultural campaigns?
How to develop your virtual voice?
Digital should collaborate, not isolate.

Speaker Profile

Caroline brings a calm but driven spirit to the whole team. Focused on building a solid future for the Pico Group in EMEA, Caroline has a wealth of multi-tiered campaign delivery experience working on events such as the Olympic Games and with global brands like Coca-Cola, Oracle, HP and IBM.

From incentives to global trade fairs, she has managed all types of projects and continues to be driven by the value of experiential campaigns and the increasing importance of digital engagement for brand activations.

Her vision is to develop a world class team to challenge the norm in the UK agency landscape and with her solid operational experience she is rapidly laying these foundations.

When not in the office, she loves to be on the squash court, in the gym as well as travelling the world meeting up with her global friends network.

Industry Sectors include ...
Technology, Telecommunications, Computing, MICE, Travel, FMCG.
Clients Include ...
Coca-Cola, Oracle, HP, IBM
Projects Highlights...
15 years of Account Management for IBM including running one of their top incentive programs.
The hospitality program for the Coca-Cola Company at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

X Topic Abstract

While consumers have grown tired of seeing content that appears to be an advertisement from a brand or a corporation, using the human element is a tactic for individuals and corporations to be viewed as being real and relatable without relying on professionally-produced content. With advocacy, think of yourself as the star of your own reality series. The key to telling good stories on social media is less about the platform and more about the story that you're trying to tell. This session will try to demonstrate how you can build a strong network of influencers to be your brand advocates for free. Some marketers tend to underestimate the power of the customer and employee voice as a mean of building brand trust and generating much higher digital engagement with the brand.

Speaker Profile

Radwa Hassan is Regional Marketing Director for Emerging EMEA Markets at Hitachi Vantara. In this role, she leads integrated marketing and communications, working closely with the local sales and marketing teams to deliver strategy and execution for a region spanning Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa,Turkey and RCIS.

An expert in generating return on investment growth on marketing initiatives, Radwa believes in the power of digital transformation to enable next-generation businesses and youth job creation in the Internet of Things era. She also has extensive experience in managing multi-cultural sales teams, growing cloud service providers and SMEs, and launching educational partnerships. Radwa joined Hitachi in 2016, with over 17 years of technology experience in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. Previously, she held marketing and communications, and corporate social responsibility roles at IBM. A passionate marketer who believes that a talented marketer can market for most anything from pencils to spaceships, only if they know their brand and audience well enough!

At times of crises, she doesn’t care what her title is, she rolls up her sleeves and engages with her team in getting the job done.

Raised in Cairo, Egypt, Radwa holds a B.A. in English Literature, and an MBA

X Topic Abstract

Miranda will be speaking about “International SEO and beyond”. She'll go through the essentials when optimizing across markets and languages, the common pitfalls, and areas to look into beyond the regular international SEO practises.

Speaker Profile

Miranda Gahrmann is a Global eCommerce Consultant for clients such as Philips, Randstad, and McAfee. Not only does Miranda travel all over the world for work, she also speaks six languages. With 11 years experience in international SEO, Miranda is working with her team to improve the performance of 40 Randstad websites across 39 markets.

X Topic Abstract

Are you doing what you need to do in order keep your skills sharp and remain relevant, to do what companies need in an ever changing world of Marketing tactics, strategies, and solutions in the Middle East? The last 20 years have brought widespread technological and social changes are we prepared for the next 10 plus. The biggest battles will be fought in emerging marketing talent and those training to remain relevant while doing the job.,

Speaker Profile

Kirsty is a digitally savvy marketer working for over 20 years on B2B and B2C creative and marketing projects spanning from USA, UK, EU, Africa, to the Middle East. Her love for the progressive and positive drive in one of the most dynamic and successful countries globally, the UAE, inspired her to move from Scotland in 2017 to Dubai permanently with the FTSE 100 Software company – AVEVA. Recently Kirsty moved to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to help drive new ways of marketing in the Middle East and take the regional marketing to the next level.

She believes being data-focused and having strong analytic skills is essential in marketing. It would be best if you found out where you are so you can plan to where you want to be. She has an intense eagerness for learning new things and believes encouraging teams and individuals to develop is essential, to embrace the ever-changing face of marketing. New technologies allow us to make a difference to a sales and marketing driven organization; Kirsty promotes being ready to embrace them.

With Kirsty’s Marketing Experience and Digital-first entrepreneurial mindset, her vision is to help others, and herself maneuver the assault course of tomorrows marketing needs. A single hand cannot clap; it is essential to inspire genius and creativity in others and together to can go to great places.

X Topic Abstract

While traditional growth hacking focuses on a variety of different strategies, this topic is about the use of emerging technologies to facilitate business growth in a way that’s effective and efficient. It covers helpful tips and strategies for both, small and medium sized businesses as well as leaders working in larger companies.


Fact is, markets keep changing and those that adopt to change quickly tend to be innovators and industry leaders. At the end of the last decade, we started shifting towards technology solutions, and at this point, the future is digital - there’s no doubt about it.

If you haven’t adopted a tech framework or component to your business yet, then you have to realize that your business hasn’t achieved its maximum potential.

A few reasons why it’s important for businesses to think digital:

I. Boosts efficiency
II. Boosts productivity
III. Keeps you AHEAD of competitors
IV. Widens your reach & connects you with customers


Growth hacking traditionally involves different departments, strategies and technology is usually a single component of that plan - one of many. It’s the start of a new decade and at this point, we’ve made so much progress in the tech space that it’s become necessary to talk about applying the growth hack mindset to technology, to enable successful digital transformations in business to take place.

In this session, I will talk about:

A. How emerging tech can be used for business growth, tips and strategies.
• AI & ML enabled solutions
• AR & VR
• Big Data

B. Case Study – Practical and personal example of my business journey - Start Inc. & Tekrevol.

• Practical application of emerging tech.
• Strategies used
• Results

C. Key Takeaways – Summary

Speaker Profile

As the co-founder of Tekrevol, a specialized group that delivers creative tech solutions, and an avid business strategist, Abeer has a knack for putting himself in win-win situations. With a sharp eye for untapped opportunities, he is able to develop and implement business strategies that deliver accelerated growth and augmented returns.

Abeer has supported numerous entrepreneurs. He understands how to build businesses and brands that project success and quality, from conception to completion. Being a people-oriented person, he uses his problem-solving abilities to take initiatives that create a meaningful impact.

He spends his spare time motivating and cultivating leaders of tomorrow, volunteering for the social cause and dominating chess.

X Topic Abstract

How to successfully navigate the Customers/Brand relationship Powering Up the New Age Retail Industry with Big Data Analytics.

Speaker Profile

Hani is the Managing Director of Info Media Consultancy, a sought-after public speaker and entrepreneur with 20+ years of extensive experience with Business Operations, Strategy Development, CRM, Customer Experience Management, Customer Happiness, Sales, Marketing, Social / Digital Media Marketing, and Team Management.

He has worked in leadership positions in illustrious organizations like Aw Rostamani Holdings, Nakheel, Etisalat and more. He is a dynamic and resilient expert with integrated business skills on building strong relationships at all levels of business, with diverse services & products towards attracting, retaining & delivering Customer Happiness.

X Topic Abstract

How to use keywords and research for the right titles . How to use back links to help rank your website

Speaker Profile

With and M.A. in Marketing and a Diploma in Digital Marketing, from the UK, I have worked on several projects in Dubai and the UK. I have over 15 years’ experience in project management, content development, branding, event management and communications. My projects cover the 360 mix of marketing channels, and I love helping entrepreneurs and startups in their journey to grow successfully, by identifying the right steps to get leads, planning, strategizing and guiding them through the choice of the right marcom channels. My specific project management responsibilities included the coordination and completion of marketing campaigns, ensured that they were launched on time and within budget.

I oversaw all aspects of projects, set deadlines, assigned responsibilities, monitored and summarized the progress of each campaign and project per school. I also prepared reports for upper management regarding status of each campaign project, and explained each stage and justified if there were any delays. I also coordinated with other departments to ensure all aspects of each campaign / project are fulfilled. Finally, I implemented processes and procedures to allow for smooth flow of day to day running of school operations.

I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others, and I’m happy to help out in consultancy inquiries. My past work experience lies in IT marketing, educational marketing, plus other verticals, and I continue to do marketing consultancy for clients, small and large. In my spare time, I am working on completing my Pilates license. I have a passion to teach others and I look forward to new adventures.

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Our Speakers

Caroline Bee

Senior Vice President - Europe, Middle East & Africa

Pico International

Dhirendra Pratap Ray

Head of Analytics

Cheil MENA

Radwa Hassan

Regional Marketing Director, Emerging EMEA Markets

Hitachi Vantara

Kirsty Sweeney

Country Marketing Manager, Digital Lead for MESA

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hani Masgidi

Managing Director

Info media Consultancy

Abeer Raza

Co-founder & CMO


Miranda Gahrmann

Global SEO Manager


Maha Ahmad

Marketing consultant

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You should seriously consider attending the Digital Marketing, if you are in one or more of these areas:
Innovators, senior marketers and branders, entrepreneurs, digital executives and professionals, web & mobile strategists, designers and web project managers, business leaders, business developers, agency executives and their teams and anyone else who operates in the digital community will attend to learn and leverage digital, mobile, and social media marketing etc.
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Why to attend Digital Marketing Summit in Dubai?

Understand the state of development of Digital Marketing technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Digital Marketing technologies. Using Digital Marketing as a tool for innovation across your organisation

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Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.